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The Town Pangani

The small town of Pagani sit’s nestled among the shores of the meandering Pangani River and the coast of the Indian Ocean. It was an important port during the area of slave trading and today the majority of Tanzania’s coconuts are produced along the Pangani River. Fishing in mostly done south of Pangani. Go fishing in Pangani, for a mesmerizing beach fishing experience in Tanzania and a great alternative to the busy Zanzibar.

Fishing spots in Pangani

The best fishing spots in Pagani can be found in the reefs in the coastal waters between the Pangani and Kipumbwi rivers.

In the past, dynamite fishing was a common practice in the area of Pangani before nets were introduced two decades back. That change and close monitoring by the authorities have improved the situation drastically. The reefs certainly were impacted and some say Maziwe Island even disappeared because of this practice. However, the ecosystem here is very robust and the reefs have recovered and are today very rich water for fishing. Our favorite spots are called Secret Corner and Magic Mountain. Their exact location is a closely kept secret, but trust us, they always guarantee for successful fishing.

Species in the water before Pangani

In the waters before Pangani, you will find over 200 species of fish and 35 kinds of coral reefs. Around these reefs, we can catch Giant trevally, Baracuda, Dorado etc. Further out in the ocean we will also find billfish like Sailfish, Marlin, and Tuna.

The most notable species is the Gombessa or coelacanth Latimeria chalumnae. This species is listed as critically endangered. In 1998, the total population of the West Indian Ocean coelacanth was estimated to have been 500 or fewer. Every year a few are caught by coincidence and the current population is not exactly known.

Maziwe Island

Maziwe is situated at the northern end of the Zanzibar Channel, 10 kilometers from Ushongo and develops a sand bar during low tide. The water and reef around Maziwe Island is abundant with many different species of fish.

Since it is a protected marine reserve and off-limits for fishing, absolutely no fishing is allowed due to its history as a turtle nesting site. This is enforced daily trough the Friends of Maziwe project. However, we would recommend you to plan a lunch break on Maziwe Island and use the time for some great snorkeling.

Fishing Pangani Map
Fishing Pangani Map

Fungu Zinga Reefs

Just a few meters south of Maziwe, Fungu Zinga is classified as an open reef allowing it to be freely fished. The sand bar near the reef and distance from the village provides natural protection. Within this reef system, many fishermen can be seen. They mainly use nets and swim with spears here. We like his place to catch some baitfish before heading further out on sea to catch billfish.

Ushongo Reef

The Ushongo Village Reef is located directly off of the shore from Ushongo Village. Ushongo village is classified as an open reef and such can be freely fished.

Fishing Pangani Map Ushongo Reef
Fishing Pangani Map Ushongo Reef

As a gap reef, there are multiple sections forming the overall reef system. Part of the reef stems directly from shore out, while another section is located approximately 200m from shore, and a last section approximately 800m from shore. This reef is regularly fished on a small scale level by the local fishermen spearfishing, line fishing, and sometimes using nets. We use it for fishing with our reef boat the Shwari.

Kipumbwe reefs

The Kipumbwe reefs are 10km South-East of Mike’s Beach Cottages. It is a system of six coral reefs on the outer edge of the continental shelf, 6 adjacent to the coast and 4 between the coast and continental shelf.