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Big Game Fishing out of Pangani

Full-Day Excursions

With a Full-Day Fishing trip to Zanzibar, Tanzania with our “Sea Wolf” you will get the full experience because it allows our guest anglers on board a lot more time out on the water.

We will first start with fishing for baitfish around the reefs in the waters before Ushongo Beach, Pangani. Then we will be moving out offshore into deeper waters of the Pemba Channel to the richest fishing grounds in the Indian Ocean before Tanzania. Depending on the season and with some luck we will be able to target Billfish like Marlin, Sailfish, and Tuna.

This allows you to target the species of fish that you would like to catch here in Tanzania. At Fishing with Mike we can do trolling for Marlin, Popping for Great Trevally’s & Dogtooth Tuna, Saltwater Fly Fishing and even Spinning for Dorado and King Mackerel.

Because we do have the full day available, it allows the not so serious novice fisherman to only spend part of their day fishing. You can focus on Whales and Dolphins, which we often encounter. Or maybe you want to drop anchor for a lunch break at the marvelous Maziwe Island to enjoy a swim and a snorkel.

This is a great option when you bring your family and friends along on your fishing trip. As soon as we lift anchor and started to head back you can always put the lines back in the water.




8-10 Hours

before 10 a.m.

starting from 1000 USD

Half-Day Excursions

On Half-day excursion due to the time limitation, we have to stay closer to shore. We still have ample time to head out to Kimpumbwe Reefs where we find excellent reef fish like Giant Trevally’s, Baracuda and Dorado. If you prefer to stay closer to shore and explore Ushong Reef you can do so with our Reef Boat the Shwari.




4 Hours

Morning or Afternoon

600 USD on Sea Wolf

300 USD on Swhari

Many of our Guest stay at our own Beach Resort: Mike’s Beach Cottages and book multiple fishing days together with accommodation. In those cases reduced rates are applicable.